About de Plaatjesdenker 

A unique vision of Marketing

Behind de Plaatjesdenker is a profound passion for telling stories, creating brand identities and forming authentic connections. It is not just about making ‘pretty pictures’, but about creating images and strategies that resonate, connect and convert.

More than a service provider

De Plaatjesdenker is not just another marketing agency or service provider. It is a partner in your growth, an extension of your team. With a focus on flexibility, personal contact and long-term collaboration, the aim is always to stand beside you, understand your vision and bring it to life in the world of marketing.

Broad spectrum of expertise

With a broad knowledge of online marketing, communications as well as graphic design, de Plaatjesdenker offers a holistic approach to marketing. Each project is approached with a critical eye, always focused on providing the best solution for your unique needs.

The power of imagination

One of the distinctive characteristics of de Plaatjesdenker is strong imagination. This enables me to present complex ideas and strategies to you in a comprehensible way, making the strategies tangible and understandable.

Your growth, my passion

Every business has a story to tell, a brand to build and a target audience to reach. At the Picture Thinker, my passion is to help you do just that. Gradually taking you out of your comfort zone without scaring you off, I work with you to achieve your marketing goals and continue your business legacy.


Brand Strategy & Positioning

Marketing Strategy

Digitale Marketing

Freelance Marketing Management

How can I help your business? 

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