Branding Strategy en Positioning


Maintain and strengthen the relevance of your B2B brand

Is your B2B company looking for ways to better stand out in the market? I help you review and refine your brand strategies so that they not only stay current, but also resonate with both new and existing business customers at home and abroad. This ensures a stronger positioning of your business in a competitive market.

Strategic renewal of your brand

Refining your brand goes beyond just tweaking logos or colour schemes. It is a strategic process that focuses on improving how you communicate with your business customers:
1. Analysis of your brand and market: I start with an assessment of how your brand is currently perceived and analyse your market to understand your company’s position.
2. Redefining your positioning: Based on my findings, we work together to sharpen your brand positioning to differentiate you from your competitors.
3. Sharpening brand communication: I ensure your communication is clear and focused, reinforcing your brand’s core messages.
4. Refreshing visual identity: if necessary, I refresh your visual elements to ensure consistency and relevance across all media.
5. Implementation and evaluation: After rolling out the renewed strategy, I monitor the effects and make adjustments where necessary to ensure the best results.

      merkstrategie en positionering door Marketingbureau de Plaatjesdenker

      Benefits of an up-to-date brand strategy

      • Clear market recognition: Make sure your brand stands out and is easily recognisable to potential customers.
      • Strengthened customer relationships: Consistent and clear communication builds trust and fosters loyalty.
      • Greater marketing effectiveness: A coherent brand strategy improves the efficiency and impact of your marketing efforts.


      Your strategic partner in brand development

      As your brand strategist, I am ready not only to provide you with advice, but also to help you actively implement and manage your renewed brand strategy. Together, we ensure that your brand remains powerful and attractive.

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