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I help your business grow through practical and measurable marketing solutions.

Welkom bij marketingbureau de Plaatjesdenker

Your partner in B2B-marketing

My name is Luuk Krekels, and as the driving force behind Marketingbureau de Plaatjesdenker, I specialise in digital marketing and brand development for B2B companies operating internationally. I focus on creating strategies that actually deliver results. From improving your online visibility to strengthening your brand position, I offer sustainable support to help your business grow.

Brand Strategy and Positioning

I work with you to define and position your brand so that it clearly communicates your values and offerings.

Marketing Strategy

Together, we create a long-term plan for sustainable growth, aimed at increasing customer loyalty and attracting new customers.

Digital Marketing

I advise and implement digital marketing tactics such as SEO, content marketing and social media strategies that support your long-term business goals.

Freelance Marketing Management

As your long-term partner in marketing, I take charge of marketing efforts, from campaign coordination to project management, to ensure continuity and consistency in your marketing activities.

Why choose de Plaatjesdenker?

I believe in building strong, long-term relationships through direct and clear communication. I listen to your needs and ask targeted questions to gain a deep understanding of your business challenges. Based on these insights, I design personalised marketing strategies that anticipate both current and future needs.

My goal is to make real, measurable improvements to your business. Whether your goal is greater brand awareness, more leads, or improved customer loyalty, I am here to support you consistently.

What others experienced

“Luuk is a skilled and proactive online marketing strategist and specialist. He conceived our online marketing strategy and developed it into a successful plan. This has resulted in significantly more traffic, but more importantly in qualified leads. His proactive and carefree approach suits us as an SME where our own people are always busy with the issues of the day.”

Paul van Ham

Sales Director, Hendor

“In the months that Luuk worked for Forexx as a marketer, he finely interpreted the steps essential to Forexx: adjustments to the website, designing new corporate identity, flyers etc, and producing numerous posts. Not over the top, not cocky, but in his own way, nicely paced and fresh. Exactly what we were looking for. In addition, Luuk provides a different view, a broad perspective and new ideas.”

Tom Meulendijks

CEO, Forexx

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