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Discover my comprehensive marketing services, designed to help B2B companies grow in international markets. Whether it’s strengthening your brand identity or improving your online presence, I offer the expertise you need.

    Brand Strategy and Positioning

    Build a strong international B2B brand
    Develop a clear brand identity that truly reflects who you are and what you offer. Together, we work on:

    • Analysis of your current brand and position in the market per country where you operate.
    • Refining your brand positioning for a clear look and feel.
    • Refresh your visual identity and communication style.
    • Implementing and continuously adapting the strategy.

    Marketing Strategy

    Create effective marketing strategies
    Develop a coherent marketing plan that aligns with your international business goals. I help you with:

    • Integrate your marketing activities with your business goals.
    • Efficiently manage your marketing budgets.
    • Coordinate your marketing efforts, even if they involve external teams.
    • Managing changes within your marketing department.

    Digital Marketing

    Boost your online presence
    Improve your digital marketing with accessible and practical strategies. My services include:

    • Drafting digital marketing plans that resonate with your target audience.
    • Optimising SEO and developing powerful content.
    • Managing social media and email marketing.
    • Using data analysis to refine your results.

      Freelance Marketing Management

      Flexible marketing support when you need it
      Get practical help when and where your marketing team needs it:

      • Directly execute and plan marketing campaigns.
      • Improve existing campaigns with smart adjustments.
      • Coordinate your marketing activities, with the ability to lead when needed.

          Why choose de Plaatjesdenker?

          Working with me means access to personal, professional support tailored to your specific needs as a B2B company. Every aspect of your marketing strategy is carefully addressed to ensure effectiveness and growth.

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